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By Express Web Desk | Updated: October 8, am Horoscope Today, October 8, Libra, Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Cancer – check astrology Also Read | Time for India to lift restrictions in J&K: US panel .
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Perhaps another way to put it might be — how big a risk are you prepared to take? Time marches on, and family and domestic affairs are now dominant.


But just a word to those of you planning adventurous activities such as overseas journeys and explorations: delays are due to continue for another six weeks but are not insurmountable. All of you should take it slowly and give yourselves plenty of time. Extravagant commitments are one thing, businesslike discussions another. You may have been caught up short, perhaps by realising just how much you have taken on. Actually, about a third of the members of your sign has a deep and highly impressive practical streak which most astrologers ignore.

So, you should now be on safe ground.

Also Read As heavy rain batters Mumbai again, local train, road traffic hit; 24 flights grounded. Try not to take major decisions on the basis of too hopeful a picture of things to come.

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There is every chance of a major offer, but it could have a surprising twist in its tail. The one central problem seems to be an uncharacteristic lack of confidence, but it should pass quite quickly.

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On the other hand, professional changes will soon offer you hope for the future. You may now begin to see the sense in family differences or domestic pressures that until now have seemed somewhat pointless. You must concede the possibility that it is you who is profoundly mistaken. Tie up loose ends and get trivialities out of the way before you make any more bold moves.

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You might have bright ideas of your own, but you may be wise to sit back and let others call the shots for a while. Otherwise, you could get the flak if plans go awry.

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  • Life may still be a little fraught and unpredictable. If you are sure that all expected dramatic events have now taken place, you may begin to pick up the pieces and wonder where you go from here.

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    You have been playing the romantic lead for long enough. Hopefully, you have by now recovered from a recent fright or upset. Social stars are still strong, but your plans may have been altered by what friends and acquaintances have done or said in the last twenty four hours, or perhaps over the past week. Even though the planets are activating a number of areas of your chart, the emphasis is still solidly on your financial affairs.

    ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

    But you must beware of con-merchants offering ridiculous promises. Unlooked-for benefits will be an added bonus in all group activities.